I Know What You (Probably) Did Last Summer

Hunting Pokemon in between shots of your pastizz!

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No one does summer quite like us, and the world is taking notice. The number of tourists that visit our islands is at an all time high, and it’s not hard to see why. With endless beaches to explore by day, and stellar music events by night it really is the place to be.

But as this epic season comes to a close, let's take a look back at some of the things we're all kinda guilty of, and (probably) did this summer… #sorrynotsorry.

1. Took a photo of your pastizz

No... not like that! We mean for Instagram. Hold it up against a backdrop of a typical Maltese scene and you're swimming. This can also be substituted for hobz biż-żejt, ice cream, or a NYB takeaway cocktail - yes. Takeaway. Cocktail.

2. Coveted a donut lilo

And if you managed to get your hands on one, you made your BFF painstakingly take several hundred photos of you just chillin' "unawares".


3. Wore a choker

This 90s throwback was the summer's accessory of choice. Who knew a plain black ribbon could be so damn flattering?!

4. Went to Riviera Beach

That million-dollar view! Totally worth the 16 thousand step climb back up.

5. Lived it up at a luxury lido

And made sure everybody knew about it. If you didn't Snapchat the infinity pool then were you even there?

6. Watched the sun come up

After an amazing night out. And maybe one (or several) drinks...


7. You got really protective over Comino

But went there anyway.

8. Sang along to summer hits

Two words. One Dance. Say what you will about chart music, but this year's produced some absolute bangers. When we're old and grey we'll hear the words "I took a pill in Ibiza" and smile. Taż-żmienna din.

Ezgif 1104148039

9. Lost your shit over stuff that's been going on for years

Petards, parkers, over development...bonġu!

Parker Fight

10. Went to a festa

And marveled at how pretty the church looked before making a beeline to the nearest donut/hotdog/nougat stand. What summer body?

11. Went Pokémad

Another 90s throwback. Along with the Summer of Love in '67, 2016 will be remembered as the year youth culture saw things that weren't really there.


12. Went to a beach BBQ

To paraphrase a favourite of ours - we're gonna miss those summer nights down by the ocean...

13. Complained about the heat

That stifling, all consuming, swear-inducing heat. But secretly, between those moments of exasperation, you wouldn't wanna be anywhere else.

Drag Fan

What else did you get up to this summer? Tag a friend who you did most of these with in the comments on Facebook!

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