Is This Malta's Strongest Man?

Flat tyre? Better carry your car away.

Have you guys heard of Tony Farrugia, the skip shifting, car lifting, muscle man from Malta?

We've seen some awesome shows of strength before, but this guy's improvised gym sessions are jaw-dropping to say the least.

And he's also advocating for everyone to lead a healthier life; and he's doing it in style. No frying pan, no fried food - simple! 

But the thing we love most about tony is that his big muscles come with an even bigger sense of humour! Just check out all the places he's worked at:

Tony Jobs

Watch a couple more of his videos below, and tell us you're not as impressed as we are!

Have you ever been so mad you ripped up the Yellow Pages?

Don't you hate it when those skips are hogging your perfect parking spot? Call Tony!

Seriously, we struggle to lift our laptop off the table!

He's even been meme'd... and that's basically the epitome of internet fame.


Tony ain't got time for no gimmicks!

Do you know someone who thinks they can take this guy in an arm wrestling match? Tag them in the comments on Facebook to let them know they've got serious competition!

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Chucky Bartolo

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