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‘It Is The End’: Margo’s Mistra Closing Down Due To Lease Problems – And Their Animals Are Looking For A Home

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The legendary Margo’s is faced with no choice but to vacate the current space it occupies in Mistra, after facing issues with the land owner who refused to renew the lease.

And that’s not all – they’ve got a good number of cats, chickens and a pony which are now in need of a new home.

“After years of battling to keep Margo’s in Mistra Bay open, despite all the adversity we faced, we are forced to vacate the building since the owners refuse to renew our lease has already sold part of our Palazzo Santa Rosa to a disgraced ex-politician with plans to have a nightclub here,” the loved restaurant said in a Facebook post. 

“We tried our hardest. We showed restraint and calm throughout but the court has ruled that such behaviour is not conducive to justice in modern society and unless we were aggressive and instigated legal battles against the owners, then we are in the wrong,” it explained.

“We would love to find another location where we can move to where we can offer families refuge from the daily grind, where kids can run freely, where amazing food can be served, where people can forget the daily toil, but we have not found anything.”

Margo’s also publicly asked for any suggestions on locations where the restaurant can relocate in wake of this issue. 

“As a consequence of this, we have a number of cats, numerous chickens and a pony that we need to home. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated,” it said.

Margo’s in Mistra will be staying open until the end of August, and then it will have to vacate the current property.

“Until then, join us in the celebration of life, love and kindness. Jazz on Sundays. Laugh and love in a piece of heaven before it is turned into God knows what,” it concluded.

Margo’s is a well-known family place in the heart of Mistra bay which offers one of the best Neopolitan pizzas on the island.

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