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It Seems You Guys Love, But Don’t Trust, The New Paceville Plans

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In case you missed it, last Thursday we ran a story highlighting the new Planning Authority video which showcases their plans for a complete and utter revamp of the Paceville area.

We asked you guys what you thought, and a lot of you thought many things. Firstly we had our poll (which if you haven’t registered your answer, you can still do so now).

Pv Poll

With only 3% hating the plans it seems like the plans were off to a good start. But despite the high turnout for ‘Love it!’ there was also an (almost) equal amount of scepticism that the whole thing simply wouldn’t work.

Despite the semi-positive poll results, the comments weren’t all as trusting:

Comment 1
Comment 2

And one person was curious about this minor detail they seemed to brush over on the video:


Which started a whole other conversation:

One Off

After which this guy dropped this semi truth bomb about the Maltese mentality:

The Walking Truth

But not all the comments were negative:

At Last

So all in all – the jury is still out!

We’d still love to know what you think, so let’s get chatting in the comments or on Twitter!

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