The Perfect Eurovision Drinking Game: Lovin Malta's Eurovision Bingo

If you're throwing a party, or simply having a sofa-and-wine night, bingo is the way to go.

Bingo Cover

As Saturday night's Eurovision final rolls around, you've got your booze ready, your dip bowls full, and your hopes high. Why not add another level of excitement to the evening's entertainment with the Lovin Malta Eurovision Bingo?

Download your copies of the game and play with us. Send in your photos on Facebook and Instagram, or play along with us live on Snapchat. Download your copy of the game here (or save the image files from here) with 6 variations of the bingo board available.

Lovin Malta Bingo

One of our bingo sheets, before the wine stains set in.

To play simply take a shot for each square you mark off, and down your drink when you connect 5 in a row! Of course, you can play this sober, but really that's no fun is it? 

The way the game works is simple. If when you see something that is listed in a square taking place during the Eurovision Final, you mark it off your grid. As an example we took the winners of the past 5 years and chose the appropriate box for each one.

  • Sweden 2015 - Interaction with projection
  • Austria 2014 - KEY CHANGE! 
  • Denmark 2013 - Forced indie singing
  • Sweden 2012 - Wind Machine
  • Azerbaijan 2011 - Singer wearing all white
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