The Perfect Eurovision Drinking Game: Lovin Malta's Eurovision Bingo

Sofa, wine and bingo

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As tonight's Eurovision final rolls around, you've got your booze ready, your dip bowls full, and your hopes for your new favourite high. Why not add another level of excitement to the evening's entertainment with the Lovin Malta's Eurovision Bingo?

All you need to do is download your copies here, print them out and get ready to play. It's that simple. 

The rules are simple:

1. Write your favourite entry in the center.

2. Whenever the actions listed on your bingo sheet happen on stage mark it off your grid. 

3. Take a shot for each square you mark off, and down your drink when you connect 5 in a row! Of course, you can play this sober, but really that's no fun is it? 

 As an example we took past winners and chose the appropriate box for each one.

  • Sweden 2015 - Interaction with projection
  • Austria 2014 - KEY CHANGE! 
  • Denmark 2013 - Forced indie singing
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Chucky Bartolo

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