18 Reasons To Be Proud Of Mellieħa

Talk about having something for everyone.

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If anyone tells you they love Mellieħa, and then contuinues by saying they spent their whole time there at Ghadira - unfriend them. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life. There's so much to do and see in Mellieħa that our original list of 9 hidden gems and interesting places kept growing and growing as we found more fun activities and beautiful locations. So here's our newly expanded list of 18:

1. It's home to Popeye Village - which is so weird, but also so cool

2. And Robin Williams has been there

3. There's Anchor Bay, a hidden gem

4. And Slug's Bay which is just stunning

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5. It's got the iconic Red Tower

6. And the beaches man - they're everything (prepare yourself for a shitload of photos)

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7. Also: let's not forget Mellieħa's church

and the Santwarju

8. It's also the perfect place to go camping 

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9. And diving

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10. And jet skiing

11. And just for water sports in general

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12. You can take a walk through the Air Raid Shelters that were used in WWII

13. If you're up for a slight trek, you should check out 'The hole', at l-Ahrax

14. The Sea View Bar behind the church is the perfect place to enjoy a Kinnie, ftira and view of the bay

15. It has its own mini Azure Window which is so cute

16. And Selmun Palace is pretty cool too

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17. Even turtles love Mellieħa!

18. And you don't blame them, because it is stunningly beautiful

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