Malta's First Pokémon Hunting Event

Grab your balls, let's go to Sliema!

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Since Pokémon Go can officially be downloaded in Malta - it's time for us to unite like the rest of the world (and run around like a bunch of headless chickens) 

Pokemon Hunting

Over 700 people are looking forward to hunting down some Pokèmon with their fellow trainers on the 27th of July.

Starting from Vecchia Napoli and heading to St George's Bay, these Maltese Pokèmon players will be prowling the Sliema and St. Julian's area from 6pm onwards. They'll be stopping at Baystreet on the way - since apparently it's an 'excellent spot' to catch Pokèmon.

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What we envision the first Pokemon hunt is going to look like (probably featuring a lot more swearing):