8 Fresh Maltese Illustrators To Watch Out For

Cool art from the fringes

Maltese Illustators

While Maltese fine art has always had a presence in our museums and galleries, it’s good to be reminded that there’s more to the world of visual arts than paintings (and fancy installations that everybody pretends to understand).

Over the past few years, a fresh batch of Maltese illustrators have started to establish themselves – mostly online, doing away with the standard exhibition model favoured by the fine arts community.

Here’s a selection of some of the youngest and most dynamic of the bunch. 

1. Thom Cuschieri

Medeas 1

With a true illustrator’s eye for both the medium and the message, Thom knows how to meld both politics and emotion through accomplished and crisp draughtsmanship. 

Medeas 2
Thom Vella Gera

2. Daniela 'iella' Attard

Daniela Attard ('iella' to her fans) is currently busy making the country proud after scoring a job at Cartoon Network Europe. When not toiling away at the company office in Soho, London, Daniela continues to sharpen her skills and devise colourful, striking works. Dragons and other similar creatures are a particular favourite.

3. Kelsey May Connor

When not modelling or appearing in videos for local Maltese bands, Kelsey May Connor attacks the canvas – or rather, paper – to craft accomplished pen-and-ink creations. 

4. Inez Kristina

Another young ‘un, Inez is a versatile drawing machine, and is certain to go very far if she keeps things up at this pace. 

5. Jimmy Grima

Though primarily a theatre guru – and one of the key brains behind the rubberbodies collective – Jimmy Grima is also a deft hand at illustration, with colourful birds and quirky takes on the Maltese environment (built or otherwise) as some of his favourite subjects.

6. Nadine Noko

With her minimalist line and cheeky wit, Nadine Noko is excellent at reacting to both political and pop-cultural shitstorms with alarming speed. But she does simply cute things too – keep an eye out for the dog drawings.

7. Moira Zahra

Her elegant figures – embellished by equally beautiful clothing – have enhanced many a magazine article. On top of that, Moira Zahra is also responsible for the branding of one of our favourite cafes of all time!

8. Mark Scicluna

Be it political cartoons or comic book heroes – and villains – Mark Scicluna has emerged as a consistent talent, no less thanks to the online comic book series A Space Boy Dream – which he co-created with his wife and collaborator Moira Zahra (yes, that’s number 7 above).

Rumour has it that he will soon be leaving our shores to pursue greener career pastures further north. While we’re all sad about his departure, a bona fide professional break is exactly what he deserves.

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