Maltese Singer gets a Standing Ovation at 'Britain's Got Talent' Audition

All four judges were "incredibly moved" by Norbert Bondin's touching performance.

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Of the thousands of auditions that the Britain's Got Talent judges watched, Maltese singer Norbert Bondin's performance of Say Something is one of the few that really struck them. 

Getting off to a rocky start, Norbert was overcome with intense shivers as he stepped out onto the stage, where he nervously fumbled his way through the introduction. But as the music played, his worries melted away, wowing all four judges with a "faultless" performance of the hit song Say Something. Through the crowd's deafening cheers Norbert heard what every competitor dreams of: "four big yeses".

Norbert spoke to Lovin Malta about his determination to make it big in the music industry. "My stammer will never hold me back from achieving my dream of singing. Nobody should let anything or anyone limit them from doing what they love"

Norbert Bondin's cover of Say Something back in 2015

Actor David Walliams, who has been a judge on the show since 2012, said "It was just one of those things when someone does something extraordinary and they leave whatever problems they might have behind and do something utterly fabulous."

Unfortunately, despite getting four yeses from the judges panel, Norbert didn't make it through to the live shows, and his audition won't be aired. But we're certain we'll be seeing a lot more of the young singer (who recently moved to England to further his vocal studies) in the near future.

It's a yes from us Norbert!

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