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Matthew Caruana Galizia Speaks Out About Struggles After His Mother’s Murder In Podcast With Lana Estemirova

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Matthew Caruana Galizia spoke out about the struggles for justice that he shares with his family, in a podcast for Justice for Journalists with Lana Estemirova.

Caruana Galizia and Estemirova have something very shocking in common, they are both the children of assassinated journalists, Estemirova being the daughter of assassinated Chechen activist and journalist Natalia Estemirova.

Caruana Galizia expressed how he and his family knew that their life would be hell after Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder. 

“I knew it would be like that the moment the murder happened, that it was going to be a very long fight. You could tell straight away, and I think that the intent was to send a message that says the people who did it are very powerful,” Caruana Galizia said.

Caruana Galizia also expressed that living in Malta has been even more difficult since the murder, describing it as a “dark cloud” that’s hanging over their family.

He stressed how it is difficult to live here, having to pass by the same place that his mother was assassinated every time he leaves the house. 

“Every time I leave the house, I have to drive past the same spot my mum was murdered. In court, I sit one metre away from people who are being prosecuted for the murder. My family is harassed in public, there’s constant intimidation – it’s difficult,” he said.

Although there are daily difficulties, he still expressed some positive aspects of living in Malta, which make up for the hardships.

“At the same time, I live in the house that my mum and my dad restored, that’s filled with all of her things. Her garden, everything; it’s a beautiful place. It goes some way towards making up for everything else,” he added.

Caruana Galizia also expressed his gratitude for his family, saying that it was very important that he had his family in this.

“Without that kind of support system, you wouldn’t be able to get very far. It would be impossible to cope on your own; things would just eat away at you slowly,” Caruana Galizia said.

Estemirova also spoke of her difficulties with losing her mother to assassination when she was just 15 years old, and the challenges still faced to this day.

The full podcast can be followed through this link.

What do you make of this? 

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