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Number Plates For Normal Sized Cars Currently Out Of Stock From Transport Malta

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Number plates for normal-sized cars are currently out of stock and have been for quite some time now.

Standard-sized number plates, type F and H, have been unavailable from Transport Malta, as they experience a shortage in stock.

“They are currently out of stock, but once they are back in stock they will be replaced for free,” a Transport Malta representative told Lovin Malta. 

The issue was flagged by an individual that went to replace a lost number plate, and on arrival found out that the standard number plates are currently out of stock.

The dimensions for type F are length 30.5 cm by height 15.5 cm and for type H are length 30.5 cm by height 11 cm.

No indication was given on when the plates will be back in stock, and the Ministry was contacted but no response was provided.

What do you make of this? 

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