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On A Scale From 1 To 1950, How Offensive Is This Ad?

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A Facebook video promoting popular Ta’ Qali venue Uno Malta (formerly Numero Uno) has been criticised as “blatantly sexist and objectifying” towards women.

One person labelled it “one of the most sexist adverts” of recent times.

The 50-second clip features various sexual close-ups and slow-mos of two female models bending down a lot more than is necessary before almost starting an actual game of tennis… almost.

As intended, the video drew in a lot of attention, including more than 20,000 views. 

Some viewers jokingly claimed the video gave them a new appreciation for the sport, while others cried foul at what they perceived to be a sexist display, with little to no context on what exactly was being advertised.

Sexist ad 2
Sexist Ad 3
Sexist ad 1

One of the video’s models seemingly unfazed by the negative backlash.

This is not the first time advertisers have faced public outrage over sexism in ads. Last January, Cynergi’s billboards promoting a healthier lifestyle featured a close-up shot of a model’s bum, branded with the gym’s logo and the slogan “Achieve Amazing Things”. Despite some saying it added extra motivation to their work out, others felt it was objectifying women as opposed to a celebration of fitness.

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What do you think about the #unolife ad? Let us know below.

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