18 Shots That Perfectly Capture The Spirit Of Earth Garden

Our favourite scenes from this year's Earth Garden

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Earth Garden is an annual music festival in Malta that brings together hundreds of people for three days of sun, fun, music and an overall great atmosphere. Over the past weekend the Ta Qali National Park transformed into a magical space, morphing into an enchanted forest straight out of a fairy tale. 

Here are some of our favourite scenes from this year's 'Earth Garden'

The tiniest details that made the biggest difference

The quirky stalls that came in all shapes and sizes

The cool art found all around

The enchanted forest itself

The amazing music

Which got heavier as the evening progressed

The love for all things natural

The overall happy vibe found all around

The love for all things retro

The stranger the better

The heavy relaxation

The inspirational talks

The food, obvs

The furry friends

The fun activities for all the family

The overlapping layers, colours and textures

Everything just felt like it was straight out of a movie

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