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‘St Paul’s Bay Gym Cost Only €15,000’: Bulletproof Question How €130,000 Was Spent On Outdoor Gym In Mosta

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Malta’s leading fitness community Bulletproof is questioning how €130,000 was spent on an outdoor gym by the government in Mosta.

The St Paul’s Bay local council with the assistance of Bulletproof forked out around €15,000 for a fully functional outdoor gym, but the expenses in Mosta are quite different.

Adam Sullivan, one of the founders of Bulletproof, reached out to the Mosta local council and formally requested a breakdown of costs, to better understand how €130,000 ended up being spent on eight pieces of equipment.

“Since we did an outdoor park last year as part of Project Robin Hood in St Paul’s Bay, that cost the local council around €6,000, not more, for four pieces of equipment. And here they are quoting around €130,000 for eight pieces of equipment,” Sullivan told Lovin Malta.

For the St Paul’s Bay local council, each piece of equipment cost around €2,000, with the installation, works, and flooring, then taking the expenses up to around €15,000.

For the government’s outdoor gym, as outlined in the costs, €124,162 and another €8,405 were spent on the equipment purchasing and rubber flooring.

“The prices don’t make sense,” Sullivan said. 

“They spent a total of almost €200,000 on that, it’s quite absurd – there must be something strange about it,” he expressed, referring to the total expenses.

That means the Government’s outdoor gym in Mosta cost taxpayers 10 times more than it needed it to. 

Breakdown of costs

Breakdown of costs

While reaching out to the Mosta local council, a brief breakdown of costs was given to Bulletproof, however, it still did not outline the actual prices of the equipment purchased.

“As already explained, the Council issued a public call for this project where anyone who could provide the service had every faculty to do so by submitting its tender. Accordingly, a transparent and fair process was adopted,” a representative for the local council told Bulletproof. 

“In addition, the decision and all documentation are public and accessible to all. In view of all this, the Council does not feel that it should continue to waste any more time on this matter,” it concluded. 

The project was inaugurated back in February by then-Mosta mayor and current MP Romilda Baldacchino Zarb, together with Minister Aaron Farrugia.

What do you make of these costings? 

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