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Payment With More Than 50 Coins Can Actually Be Refused, Naxxar Local Council Explains

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A local council has explained legal procedure for handling payments in coins after a strange incident yesterday.

The Naxxar Local Council confirmed that they, and any other council or business in Malta, have the authority to refuse a payment that includes over 50 coins after a man attempted to pay a LESA fine in one cent coins.

“As of 1 January 2008, there is an abrogation from Articles 1173 and 1174 of the Civil Code in terms of payments by 50 coins or more (as the creditor is now given a right to refuse payment by EU law), but any other payment ‘validly tendered’ will continue to be subject to these provisions,” as it says in an updated document released by the Central Bank Of Malta.

The man was fined €23 by the LESA, and he attempted to pay this fine with one cent coins as a dare to win €200.

Upon arrival, the man scattered a large amount of coins on the front desk.

“You can easily note that his intentions were to make a mockery out of the local council,” a local council official told Lovin Malta.

“We immediately referred to the police and while going he offered to join as well, he then apologised, gathered the money and paid using notes,” he continued.

The official added that the man owns a shop in Naxxar and is thus aware of the issues that arise when trying to deposit coins into the bank.

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