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Protest At Castille This Evening To Demand Resignation Of Cabinet Following Public Inquiry Publication

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A protest will be held this evening calling for the resignation of Malta’s Cabinet of Ministers and their replacement with a government composed of people not linked to the assassination.

The protest is scheduled to start at 7pm and is being organised by Repubblika, Manuel Delia and Occupy Justice. It follows the publication of the report from the public inquiry into the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Here are the protestors requests:

1. The state must formally apologise and offer compensation to Daphne Caruana Galizia’s relatives for the loss that they caused.

2. Members of the Cabinet shall resign immediately and be replaced by a government that excludes all those responsible for the offenses found in the inquiry.

3. The Labour Party shall ensure that it does not present any person who was a Minister or a public official or a person of trust who was responsible for the acts identified in the inquiry report for any candidacy in any future election.

4. The Labour Party shall immediately expel Joseph Muscat from the Labour Party.

5. The institutions shall act immediately to carry out the prosecutions which the inquiry has determined should have been carried out a long time ago.

6. An inter-institutional committee with the participation of civil society will be set up to discuss in detail and see to it that the reforms proposed by the inquiry report are adopted.

7. To the extent that these reforms can be carried out, they should be implemented before the next general election and the upcoming general election should only be held when any progress that can be made in the current legislation regarding the implementation of these reforms has been achieved.

Will you be going to the protest this evening?

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