Quora Hosted A Mini Malta Hate Fest

Useful, or bitter? That's the question...

Malta Hate

Some poor soul looking for advice on Quora before moving to Malta got a dose of bitter honesty from the online community. 

The Q&A site's community are professional troll-handlers, but this isn't really trolling - it's more of a straightforward critique of Malta's biggest blemishes.

Everyone on the thread agreed that Malta is ridiculously and unbearably hot in the summer, and bone-chillingly frigid in the winter, due to ever-present humidity and poor insulation in houses. Also the traffic is horrendous, and Maltese people are pretty terrible drivers...

Perhaps the most scathing, and to-the-point response was this:

Screen Shot 2017 09 06 At 18 57 32

One man expanded on just how hot it is during summer, quoting Tim Willocks book The Religion: “Summer in Malta is worse than hell. At least in hell you can jump into a pool of molten lava and cool off.”

Another wrote: "The traffic is awful, driving terrifying and parking just extraordinary. Imported food and goods are expensive. The bureaucracy is a nightmare."

There was, however, one well-air conned optimist out of the group:

Screen Shot 2017 09 06 At 19 10 09

Time to join Quora and start putting out some more positive reviews maybe?

Tag someone who hates Malta's humid summer and remind them: (a humid) winter is coming!

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