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11 Reasons Mosta Is Awesome

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It may be known for the giant dome found squarely in the middle of the town, but there are many aspects of Mosta that make it an awesome place to live. Here are a few of our favourite highlights.

1. It’s in touch with its wild side

2. It has some killer balconies

3. And beautiful porches

4. Of course, there’s the stunning Mosta Dome

5. Which is arguably even cooler at night

6. The streets are always colourful

7. And it’s even got its very own LIDL

What more could you want (or need)?

8. Molly’s pancakes are everything

9. And you can snap them with Mosta’s very own Snapchat filter

Mosta Snap

10. Olympic Bar (Xufi)’s food needs no introduction

11. And the quiet side-streets are simply adorable

Bonus: It may not be in Mosta, but the view from afar is top notch

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