South Korea's Cutest Cafe Is Completely Malta-Themed

And it reaches new levels of awesome

Awesome Malta

Awesome Malta is a super cute cafe in Seoul, South Korea where a young Korean couple have set up a modern-day shrine to our beloved island. Eu-Eu Kim visited Malta in 2010 and fell in love with the islands. 

After returning to Korea, Eu-Eu Kim opened a tiny cafe and decked it out in everything Maltese. Not only does it look like the most 'awesome' place to hang out, its got tonnes of adorable Malta paraphernalia.

Here's a list of some of our favourite bits:

1. The shout-out to authentic Maltese tiles

Screen Shot 2016 11 24 At 11 11 21

2. The Malta/pop-culture themed drinking bottles


3. The gorgeous illustrated cafe logo


4. The food and drink that looks delicious 


5. The amazing Malta-themed paintings

Eu-Eu Kim paints them herself!


6. Classic Maltese icons everywhere


So if you're ever in the Seoul neighbourhood pay this cute little establishment a visit. It's apparently super easy to get there. Go for the Green Line on the Metro, and stop at Hongik University.

Thanks Eu-Eu Kim for bringing Malta's awesome to South Korea!

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