Check Out These Hilarious Shots Of Maltese Students "Studying" At The University Library

They'll get some work done... eventually.

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Exam season at the University of Malta is finally over, although for many it has been over for a while now - fuckers. This momentous day also coincides with #ThrowbackThursday so we're dedicating today to the (now tragically inactive) Facebook page 'Spotted: University of Malta'. This page highlights some of the more iconic sights you'll find at UoM's library. Here are some of our favourites:

Facebook spoilers wait for no man, and none can resist the call of George R. R. Martin.

Reading is sups hard, and naps like help you study or something.

You can run and you can hide, but you can't escape the xaqq.

Study? No thanks, I think I'm gonna plait my friend's hair 

Meditation helps you stay focused

Ugh, this guy's been in there for like an hour

Hoping no one is allergic to birds...

Casual breakdown in progress

Studying is hungry work. Fight the calories by snacking on a fistful of highlighters.

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