The Bacon Festival's Hilarious Emotional Journey

It seems like Malta's on the verge of a gastronomic civil war

Bacon Cover

Our journey begins yesterday, with The Bacon Festival's official page launching their event of the same name. It started out innocent enough, just a couple of people who love bacon, getting together to enjoy their favourite food.

The Begining

The post was initially greeted by a number of fans writing 'bacon' in as many different ways as possible (usually adding vowels to elongate the word and highlight their excitement). But mere hours later, the vegans found it. Some were angry; others, like Justin, nailed their argument by dropping the perfect sarcastic truth bomb on fans of the event.

Justin Bacon

It was on. The memes began rolling in:

Sam Bacon
Pol Bacon

The vegans clapped back:

Bertu Bacon

10 points to Kenneth for totally not getting it.

With some arguments being a bit dumber than others:

Mark Bacon

Did we say a bit? We meat a LOT dumber.

Many people came for the bacon, but stayed for the fights:

Lexi Bacon

"Simon Busuttil approves of this pun"

Simon Bacon

Lucky for the vegans, John made sure that nobody felt left out:

John Bacon

But through it all, one man remained an unsung hero: Luke Gamri, the comment-selfie bandit.

Luke Gamri

Oh Malta, never change!

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Chucky Bartolo

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