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The Best Pit-Stops That Remain Open At 5am

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5 am is a curious time to be awake. It’s still dark out, but usually just right before the beauty of dawn begins to break. Of course, screw all of that if you’re trying to recover from a big night out. Who gives a toss about beauty when you’re slurring, exhausted, and basically just trying to remember what you did a couple of hours back?

Recovery means food and drink, so here are our top pit-stops that will help you feel like less of a train wreck before you get home.

Luke’s, Paceville

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In addition to the great food, one of the most popular things about Luke’s is that they’ll weigh your food for you so you know exactly how much you’re eating. If you can keep the diet going till 5 am, good for you!

Costa Coffee, Malta International Airport

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Speaking of keeping it light, if you want a good jolt but don’t want to munch on food, nothing else will work quite as well as the elixir of life, coffee.

McDonald’s drive-through, Għargħur

Mc Donalds

You won’t even need to worry about where to para-pa-pa-park.

If you think ahead, you might be just in time to get a seat at the outlets in Spinola Bay or Buġibba, but if we’re being true to the 5 am rule, you can’t do better than the 24/7 drive-through. It’s the same super fast fast-food taste you’ve come to expect, only you’re too groggy to care.

Burger King drive-through, Qormi

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A double whopper is a fantastic means of getting some energy back into your system. The Qormi drive-through is open till 6.30 am, so you’ll be well in time to have it your way. Or anyone’s way, really. At such an ungodly hour, it stops mattering.

Estilo, St. Julians


24-hour delivery service, too!

As if the prospect of having sushi or tapas at 5 am wasn’t great enough, you can have that food delivered to your door, so you can look like a hungry mess in private! The delivery-person will probably hate you for it, but oh well.

Tip: If you are going to get delivery, make sure you or a friend calls to order on the way home, so you don’t wait too long for it to arrive.

Basically anywhere in Paceville that might still be open


Cheap, greasy, and effective.

A lot of big nights out happen at Paceville, and as such there’s a fast food place everywhere you turn. Not all of them remain open till 5 am, but you might be lucky enough to snag a slice of pizza from Eat Me I’m Famous, or a burger from Broaster Chicken.

Tad-Doughnuts, Qormi


Ċikkulata jew ġamm? Yes.

You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a sugar rush right after coming out of a booze coma. Trust us, you haven’t.

Any baker shop that’s open on your way home

Baking Gif

Bakers are a dedicated bunch. They’re up at ungodly hours making sure they can serve the freshest bread possible – which means you may get your hands on the holy grail of fresh and fluffy loaves. If you’re on a dedicated bread-hunt, you try a quick drive through Qormi.

Crystal Palace, Rabat

Crystal Palace

You thought we were going to forget, didn’t you?

The world (read: Malta) was shaken when Serkin’s owner announced he was going to sell the place – understandably so. The iconic pastizzi shop is still alive and kicking, though. It might be under new management, but it doesn’t mean that the place has lost its value as the quintessential place to get food from during late night/early morning hours.

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