The Best Scenes From Last Night's Incredible Storm

Just in case you got an early night and missed it.

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Last night we posted a video of the sudden, and impressive, electric storm that swept across Malta. From the photos and videos you guys sent us, it seems we weren't the only ones who spent our evening staring at the cinema in the sky. But in case you missed it, here are some of the coolest scenes you sent us!

1. The awe-inspiring view over the sea

Photo: Robert Bonsfield

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2. The lightning dancing across the sky

Video: Matthew Alamango

3. This shot taken at the perfect time

Photo: Caroline Lockwood


4. The clouds threw their own rave

Photo: Lyndsey Barrado

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5. And the night sky was lit up bright as day

Photo: Stephanie Hak

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6. We even got to see our good friend the crane, at a time when they're normally so well hidden

Video: Angela Green

7. And what we're convinced might have be the entrance to heaven

Photo: Alexander Assies

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8. The weather should really have come with an epilepsy warning

Video: Anna Sullivan

9. And this video perfectly captures the literal 'calm before the storm'

Video: Gabi Star

Bonus: These guys decided to make the most of the weather (and may have lost feeling in their fingers waiting for the perfect shot - now that's dedication)

Photo: Kelly Azzopardi

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Did you catch the storm last night? Keep sending us your pictures and videos on Facebook, or tag #LovinMalta on Instagram!

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