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‘They Saved My Life With A Call’: Domestic Violence Victim Thanks Strangers Who Heard Her Cries For Help During Sliema Attack

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A woman who experienced a domestic dispute in Sliema last week wants to publicly thank the two strangers that called the police upon hearing her cries for help.

The woman, who will be left unnamed due to safety concerns, reached out to Lovin Malta to share her story after she received help from two passersby.

Content warning: This article includes details of a domestic dispute some may find shocking. 

“On 5th May around 11:45pm, I was attacked by my boyfriend. He tried to kill me. After completely destroying my iPhone, he slapped, punched, and dragged me by the hair, while telling me that he was going to kill me,” the woman recounted. 

“They saved my life with a simple call, I had my boyfriend with his knees on my chest and his hands around my throat trying to strangle me for an entire hour,” she said.

“I want to thank these two people who passed by Triq Stella Maris that day and get the message across that a simple anonymous call to the police can save a woman in danger,” she said. 

Having been in the relationship with the man for around a year and a half, she expressed that she never imagined that he would turn out to be capable of this.

“In the beginning, he was never aggressive. The first time was back in December, and afterwards, he promised that he will change, and reassured me that he wasn’t a bad person,” she said.

She also said that the man had a past involving drugs and alcohol, and he had recently committed to terminating his drug use. But the woman suspected that he was back to using substances. 

It all happened again after what was described to be a normal night – dinner and wine, some ice cream and back home to watch television to close off the evening, with the man then falling asleep on the sofa.

“I went to slowly wake him up, and when he did, I also suggested to him that we should go the hospital tomorrow for a drug test,” she said.

“It was at that moment that he lost it. He was dragging me from the bed to the floor from my hair, pushing me down the stairs, while yelling at me for waking him up from his sleep,” she explained.

“I couldn’t escape from that house and I didn’t have a phone to call for help,” she explained, detailing the moments of desperation.

“I will kill you, and afterwards I will kill myself too,” the man allegedly told the woman.

“In a moment of respite, I heard two people passing under my balcony, and I immediately opened the door and yelled for help,” she recounted. 

“After that, these people saw my fiance cover my mouth with his hand and take me away from the balcony. Fortunately, they called the police and it is only thanks to them that I am speaking about this now,” she said, also adding that one of the strangers was wearing a white shirt.

Upon arrival, the police allegedly did not arrest the man. According to the victim, they relocated her to a safer location and let the man go free. She now plans to file a report with the Domestic Violence Unit.

“For me, it was a very big shock. No one will get into a relationship with someone that would then try to kill you,” she said, also adding that she is no longer involved with the man now.

“We need to pay attention when people ask for help,” she said, urging people to call the police if they witness anything that seems like an attack.

“Life is strange, sometimes you sleep in the same bed with your enemy who says he loves you but then tries to take your life and the two strangers who pass by chance, save your life,” she said.

The woman’s wish now is to find the two people that heard her cries during the attack, as she would like to thank them for saving her life.

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