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Things You Hate If You Dye Your Hair In Malta

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You’ve finally made the decision to dye your hair. You were looking to make a change in your life, but didn’t want to do anything drastic like travelling the world or getting a tattoo. It’s all looking up and you’re ready for this new blonde, red, and/or purple phase in your life.

But as with most things on the island, you’re gonna need a little bit of patience – and here’s why:

1. The sun will ruin your colour

300 days of sunshine sounds perfect, until the UV rays ruin any hope you had of keeping the colour exactly like you paid for.


Public Enemy No. 1

2. And if the sun doesn’t manage, the pool’s chemicals will

Green hair is fashionable now, right?

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3. You can never pretend it’s your natural colour

Everyone knows you, your family and your pets – there’s no way you’re pulling off the natural blonde look.


4. And you’ll get lots of requests for people’s family to do your hair

No thanks, I’d rather not have your cousin who starts their course this October practice on me. 

Ezgif Com Crop 1

5. Finding the right hairdresser requires a wegħda

Mary always looks like she had great hair, maybe she can help me out.

Ezgif 1267905324

6. A wegħda your nanna will cancel out with her prayers

Dying you hair is the first step to spiralling out of control. Next stop – heroine!

Ezgif Com Crop

7. And when you finally take a cute picture, a distant relative will ruin it

Thanks Uncle Gużi, your opinion on my hair colour of choice is instrumental to my daily life.

No Thanks

What’s your experience with hair-dye in Malta? Tag someone who is sick of dealing with these issues in our post on Facebook!

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