10 Things to Love About Madliena

Besides pool parties obvs

Fort Madliena 2

Madliena may not be the largest village on the island, but it sure has a lot to offer. Here's a few reasons why we absolutely love it:

1. The views

Nestled at the top of the Coast Road (once dubbed 'The Most Beautiful Road in Malta), Madliena boasts some amazing sea views that are as yet untainted by any high-rise buildings or seafront hotels.

2. The houses

Madliena is a real estate agent's dream. Every house is gorgeous, modern, enormous and comes with an insane price tag to match. 

3. The fact that it's so close to everywhere

Is there a place in Malta you can't reach within a 10-minute drive from Madliena? Perhaps. But you can get to anywhere from St Paul's Bay to Valletta, and that's a pretty sweet deal.

Driving Thumbs Up

4. High Ridge

That's what the fancy part is called. As if it wasn't fancy enough... Obviously there's a Shit Malta People Say for that.

5. Its crazy Wikipedia page

Someone really needs to get onto this quickly. According to Wikipedia, Madliena is not one of Malta's hottest addresses. It just "refers to three different sites on the island of Malta: a church in Valletta, a chapel in Dingli, and a chapel in St. Andrew's, all of which are dedicated to Mary Magdalene."


6. Its dubious reputation for tacky Maltese sex books

Yes, there is literally a book called Madliena Married Men. It's basically 50 Shades of Madliena. Don't ask why. 


7. Its proximity to this beautiful walkway in Gharghur 

Walks around Madliena are perfect, especially because you're so close to Gharghur which has crazily cute spots like this tiny Church built into the wall. 

Tiny Church Mario Mizzi

Photo credit: Mario Mizzi

8.  The gorgeous Madliena Tower

It's so beautiful it's got a better Wikipedia page than Madliena. Although the tower itself is in Pembroke, it's repping Madliena outside of the town's borders.

9. The historic Fort Madliena

Built in the 19th Century by the British, Fort Madliena stands as a proud bastion of defense on the Victoria Lines. The historic fort, and the killer views it brings with it, are now open to the public every Saturday afternoon.

The article was updated to include more information on Madliena Tower's location.