This Maltese Best Man's Speech Featured Literally Every Maltese Celebrity

Honestly, this is the best thing we've seen all summer!

Charlotte and Robert, a newlywed couple who tied the knot in Valletta last Saturday, got a lot more than they bargained for when they asked Thomas Camilleri to give a little speech at their wedding.

Deciding that talking into a mic for 10 minutes would bore everyone to death, Thomas decided to mix things up a bit and film an interactive speech... oh and he also got literally every single Maltese TV personality to guest star in the video.

It started with an amazing dose of nostalgia as Ruth Amaira read out the news of the nuptials

Ruth Amaira

Followed by actress Marica Mizzi, who spilled that truth tea

Marica Mizzi

It even featured Archbishop Charles Scicluna's slightly confued blessing


But we all know it's not a Maltese celebrity compilation without Eileen Montesin talking about "kemm jghabbi Robert"


And as excited as we were to see Malta's greatest Youtube sensation...

Potato Guy

...Nothing came close to the joy we felt when Emmy Bezzina spoke about urine-soaked onions and the groom's abanderado undies.


Or so we thought... until he got the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition in on it too!

Joseph Muscay
Simon Busuttil

We absolutely loved everything about this video, and of course the newlyweds did too!

Couple Love It

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