WATCH: This Video Will Make You Want An Incredible Summer Vacation... In Malta.

Can you say epic?

Denis and Patrick, two brothers from Germany, had one hell of a weekend right here in Malta; and boy do they have the film to prove it! 

Skateboarding, off-roading, swimming and diving their way across the islands, these two had the holiday of a lifetime visiting locations most of us barely give a second glance. 

Hey Harschi brothers, next time you're here please take us with you!

If you're looking to recreate their adventure, we've listed 5 locations you have to visit.

Take Me Away Gif

1. Armier

Armier German Brothers

2. Dwejra

Dwejra German Brothers

3. Valletta 

Valletta German Brothers

4. Riviera

Riviera German Brothers

5. Comino

Comino German Brothers

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