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VOX POP: What Do Malta’s Uni Students Think About Their Long-Awaited Return To Campus

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Students are finally returning back on campus for physical lectures, after two weeks of virtual learning turned into two years real quick.

Lovin Malta visited the legendary KSU Freshers Week at the University of Malta last week, to give students the chance to say their part.

“I’m so glad, so glad to be outside in the middle of all these people, really missed it for the last two years but it’s good to be back,” said one student.

As part of a four-part Vox Pop series, students were given the chance to offer their opinion on various social issues, starting off with how they’re feeling to be returning back on campus after almost two whole years of virtual learning.

It’s safe to say that students are extremely happy to be returning back, and all mentioned how they’ve missed the human interactivity that comes with participating in physical lectures.

Many expressed how they missed their friends and being around other people, as opposed to being stuck in their bedrooms in front of their laptop screens every day.

Some students also spoke about the possibility of integrating virtual lectures for early and late lectures such as 8am or 6pm onwards, for reasons such as avoiding traffic.

Check out the full Vox Pop here and stay tuned for more to come! 

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