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Watch: Impatient Dog Cleverly Honks Car Horn Until Owner Comes Running Back

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We all could use a break from the bad news – so here’s your funny and wholesome moment for the day.

An impatient dog was spotted blaring the car horn for his owner, while it was left unattended for a brief period of time in Marsaskala. 

The comical video, which was sent to Lovin Malta by Nikita Kolesnik, shows this clever dog figuring out how to use the car’s horn – and he quickly learned that if he presses it long enough, his owner will come running back.


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As the owner approached the car, he motioned for the dog to move over from his seat as he laughed at the ordeal.

And as for the people having a coffee nearby, they quickly found the dog’s mannerisms amusing, being seen laughing and enjoying the moment in the video.

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