WATCH: Lifelong Comino Resident Fears Tiny Island's Future

Last man standing

One of Comino's only four permanent residents stars in a short documentary about the tiny island's way of life.

Salvu Ta' Kemmuna, who has been living there for 64 years, remembers a time when his family would be the only ones swimming in Comino at the height of summer.

Today he worries about the future of Comino as it is taken over by tourists and bathers, and "only used for business".

The short film, produced by V Squared, also shows another side to Salvu: his fascination with drones which he uses to survey what's happening all around Comino.

Comino's Blue Lagoon has been in the headlines lately over its overpopulated bays and exorbitant prices being charged by business operators.

Written By

Chris Peregin