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Woman Forced To Travel To Gozo To Pay €10 Local Council Fee She Can’t Pay Online

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A woman who has residence in both Malta and Gozo was forced to travel to the sister island to pay a €10 Local Council fee because they do not accept digitised payment.

The dual resident works in Malta but travels to Gozo every weekend to enjoy all that the island has to offer.

However, she needed to order a high-up to transport furniture into her home in Gozo and despite being able to fill in the required forms online, she was forced to go to the Munxar Local Council to pay the fee in either cash or cheque.

She was also given a relatively short time-window to make the commute as they were only open during the week from 8 am till 12 pm and this subsequently disturbed her work day.

The woman was clearly frustrated at the antiquated system, questioning why she could complete the forms online but not do the same with the payment – she even offered to transfer the money through Revolut, but was still refused.

She argued that this is not an isolated case as she detailed a similar incident experienced by a friend of hers with the Qawra Local Council.

As we’re half way into 2021 and knee-deep in a pandemic that caused almost all services to establish online alternatives, this issue proves to be quite inconvenient and not reflective of the majority of the population’s current lives.

Lovin Malta has reached out to the Local Council Ministry for a comment.

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