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Woman’s Day March In Malta Called For 6th March: ‘Less Words More Action’

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A call for all women and supporters of women’s rights has been issued by several Maltese NGOs and pressure groups.

The event will take begin at 11:00am on Sunday 6th March, at the Triton Fountain in Valletta.

Movement Graffitti, Young Progressive Beings, Women’s Right’s Foundation, and Doctors For Choice have organised the event, one which is endorsed by a number of others that support gender equality and women’s rights.

This year, the chosen theme is ‘Woman’s Day Every Day: Less Words More Action.’ The theme “seeks to emphasise that issues such as gender stereotyping, sexual harassment and violence, which are put under the spotlight once a year on this occasion, are faced by women every day”, together they write.

“Women’s day is not a celebration. It is a day when we remember the fights and struggles that feminists have had to fight in order to gain what we now take for granted, and a political manifestation demanding that women’s disadvantage in society is taken seriously by policymakers.”

“The women’s rights organisations argue that joining together to fight against sexism, gender inequalities, gender stereotypes and other injustices faced by women in their every day lives is of crucial importance.”

“Women are fed up of hearing empty words, and it is high time for more concrete action that will truly make a difference in women’s lives,” the organisers concluded.

The march will take place at the Triton Fountain at 11:00, and will see persons march through the streets of Valletta on the occasion of International Woman’s Day.

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