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TVM’s Head Of News Gets New Prime Time Current Affairs Show

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TVM’s head of news Norma Saliba will head a new Wednesday night current affairs show – despite the main national station moving away from news shows.

Attwali is a new programme by PBS’ newsroom, which will air every Wednesday night at 9pm on TVM in its upcoming schedule.

“It will be focusing on stories making the news, through interviews, discussions and features on various subjects,” a brief analysis of the show reads. “The idea is that topics dominating the news will be analysed from various perspectives, delving into what happens behind the news.”

Questions sent to Saliba about the format of the show and whether it will feature politicians remain unanswered as of the time of writing.

Besides the 8pm news bulletin, Attwali will be the only current affairs show to air on TVM, with all others moving to TVMNews+, a new sports and current affairs focused station which is replacing TVM2. 

Brian Hansford will present Realta’ Mondays at 6:30pm while Saviour Balzan will take charge of Xtra later that same day at 8:45pm. Glen Falzon will present Insights Tuesdays at 6:30pm while Quinton Scerri will host a new show Topik Wednesdays at 6:30pm and Fridays at 8:45pm.

Albert Gauci Cunningham will present a new show, Mill-Kamra, focused on the inner workings of the Maltese Parliament, which will be aired Thursdays at 6:30pm. 

TVM has found itself under fierce criticism by the Nationalist Party in recent days, with the PN accusing it of adopting a clear slant in favour of PL politicians. 

PN deputy leader David Agius and candidate Alessia Psaila Zammit told a press conference that while TVM’s bulletin published interviews and soundbites by PL ministers 88 times between 1st August and 15th September, not a single soundbite was granted to a PN MP during the same time period.

Saliba had yet to respond to these accusations and questions sent to her in this regard remain unanswered.

Do you regularly watch TVM’s current affairs shows? 

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