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10 Ways To Deal With Power Cuts During A Blistering Maltese Heatwave

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As temperatures rage around the 40 degree mark, the country has been hit with a wave of power cuts.

This is not a new phenomenon as the demand for electricity soars with everybody cranking up their ACs and fans, as a desperate attempt to cool down.

An Enemalta employee confirmed that due to the high temperatures people turn on their AC’s full blast and all the weak points in the cable don’t cope. And as repairs are currently underway, the power cuts continue to persist.

The question is, how can we prepare for and deal with a power cut during a heat wave? Here are 10 ways: 

1. Keep a battery powered light source and a stock of candles and your parents’ paraffin lamps fulled up

One of the first casualties of a night time power cut is vision. Having independent light sources at a handy place can alleviate the first blindness experienced with an unexpected blackout.

2. Avoid opening the fridge and freezer as much as possible

If you need to cook make a list of what you will need so you can bring them out all at once. A full freezer is safe for 48 hours if left unopened. The advantages of a gas cooker become obvious during a power cut.

3. Block the sun during the day

Pull the curtains, blinds or shades to block the sun from coming in and heating up the room.  This could even be taken a step further by hanging up a blanket over the window, or lining it with aluminium foil and newspaper. At night open the windows to allow cool air in.

4. Stay hydrated by sipping water and if possible add electrolytes

Staying hydrated is paramount to assuring that dehydration is avoided, and with such high temperatures, you’re going to need much more than the standard two litres.

5. Keep windows and doors closed

Try to not let the outside air come in or the inside air go out.  Quickly open and close the doors if you need to leave.

6. Take a cold bath or shower

Use the cold tap water in your home to cool off in a cold bath or shower.  Air drying yourself and leaving your hair wet will help you to stay cool longer.

7. Move to the coolest room in the home, especially at night

8. If it is not possible to keep your home cool, spend 2-3 hours of the day in a cool place (such as an air conditioned public building).

9. Unplug all electronics

Protect your devices from a sudden electricity surge by disconnecting them from the main’s power.

10. Install surge suppressors

Surge suppressor power strips can be purchased at your local hardware store and they protect your electronics from frying if the power surges when it is turned back on.  Another option is to have a whole house surge suppressor installed.  These are mounted on your electrical panel to protect your whole home’s electrical system from being affected by power surges.

How are you dealing with the heatwave? Sound off in the comments below

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