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120 To 1: Can Malta Defy All The Odds And Win Against Spain Tonight?

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A win can do a lot for a football team, as can be seen with the excitement surrounding Malta’s first and last ’top-of-the-table-clash’ with Spain reaching its fever-pitch with a record attendance expected tonight.

Over the weekend Malta, secured its first ever international victory at home in over 13 years, beating the Faroe Islands 2-1 in a nail-biter of a match.

With the national team finding itself at the top of the qualification table (by alphabetical order, but we’ll take it), Lovin Malta decided to take a look at betting websites to see what exactly Malta’s chances are at maintaining their 100% win record.

1. Will 26 March 2019 become the new 1565?

Great Siege02

Source: University of Malta

It would be a night Malta would never forget, surpassing 1565 as our greatest achievement. Santa Marija would be no more and we could finally start enjoying long Gozo weekends just as spring is about to start.

Standing at 120/1, Malta’s chances look bleak, but with a little heart and a lot of luck, the country might be able to scrape a draw, standing at 44/1.

In fact, Malta’s chances at beating Spain by more than two goals sees like an impossibility, with some betting sites showing odds of 1,000/1.

2. Can we even score a goal?

Mfa E1553369902796

Source: Malta Football Association

Spain it should be said are one the world’s very best teams, with elite players and an abundance of talent spread across all over Europe’s top leagues. This may represent a step too far for our team, and the odds seem to indicate as such.

A goal, even if it comes at the hands of a loss, can at least represent some sort of positive step forward, and at odds of 1.26 to ‘not score a goal’, the bookies seem to agree.

3. Could Malta be on the receiving end of a drubbing?

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Long synonymous with stylish attacking football, Spain is a unique challenge to Malta, with our players undoubtedly relishing the challenge to try their best against the best.

Odds do show that Spain could run out comfortable winners tonight with a 3-0 scoreline showing at 5/1 odds. Some bookmakers even have the lower price of 3.5/1 for the game to have 6 or more goals, with the odds of over 4 goals showing at 1.2/1.

If it is any consolation, we may knick a goal, with the chances of both teams to score at 5/1.

4. Are you feeling really lucky?

Who knows; tonight just might be the night where all the stars align and something truly incredible happens akin to Leicester City’s near impossible Premier League victory.

In a game with that only seems to be destined to be going in one direction, betting markets are filled with 1,000/1 odds across different bets. Malta to win 2-0? Standing at 1,000/1. A 3-3 draw? Also at 1,000/1.

Screenshot 2019 03 26 At 11 58 49

Malta tonight if we actually win

What do you think the final score will be tonight?

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