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13 Places Perfect For A Cannabis Coffeeshop To Open In Malta And Gozo

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As a beautiful little island in the Mediterranean with lots of sun and fun to be had, having commercial outlets selling good quality bud seems like a no brainer.

As the state moves toward the legalisation of cannabis for personal use as well as the opening up of cannabis associations for members who want to sign up, more and more people are wondering: will coffeeshops eventually open in Malta?

If you’ve never visited a coffeeshop in the Netherlands for example, it’s basically a cafe’ selling cannabis in various forms to clients. Generally housed in an aesthetically pleasing location with good music and (often times) even better food and drink menus, they are a reliable, legal and safe place providing a nice alternative to bars and clubs.

Imagine your best friend’s chill living room, but with someone selling weed and hot chocolate in the corner.

With some picturesque locations scattered across the island as well as some more intimate areas perfect for a chill smoke-up with friends in a welcoming environment, here are 13 locations that absolutely need to host coffeeshops in the near future.

1. Dingli Cliffs, Dingli

One of the highest locations in the land, Dingli Cliffs benefits from breathtaking views coupled with being a bit off the beaten path. Privacy, nature and regulated dank weed – what else could a cannabis enthusiast ask for?

Favourite strain: Dingli Delight

Photo credit: Felix König

2. Strait Street, Valletta

Hidden in the heart of Malta’s capital city, the former nightlife centre has been bouncing back recently – and a cool little coffeeshop would fit in perfectly between the little bars there.

The interior would reflect the vintage and retro feel of the street, alongside portraits from the 50s, 60s and 70s showcasing the most popular musicians, crossdressers and entertainers from the era.

Favourite strain: Stretta OG

3. Riviera Bay, Mġarr

One of the most beautiful bays on the Maltese islands, and situated near a five-star resort nearby for visiting tourists or staycationers, enjoy a dip – skinny or otherwise – in the blue water nearby for a very chill evening.

Favourite strain: Bajja Gold

Photo credit: Singita 

4. Portomaso, St Julian’s

On the other end of the spectrum, St Julian’s Portomaso would be suitable for a higher-end coffeeshop, similar to what’s going on in Las Vegas, USA. A posh set-up with higher quality products and apparel would fit in well, be it in the marina or even at the very top of the tower.

Maybe even utilise the nearby Spinola Palace for an epic coffeeshop?

Favourite strain: Gangsta’s Paradise

Photo credit: Txllxt TxllxT

5. Daħlet Qorrot, Gozo

Lowkey, intimate and old-school – Daħlet Qorrot could be a sweet and essential stop-off in any visit to the sister island.

Any coffeeshop set up here should have diving equipment on the wall and play slowed down repetitions of nautical-themed Maltese films, such as The Boat, Luzzu or Simshar from a projector onto the roof.

Favourite strain: Calypso

Photo credit: Eigenes Werk

6. Top of the World, Għargħur

The backdrop to the government’s official 4/20 message to Malta’s cannabis community, this could become the official location for a state-run dispensary, with lovely valleys and cliffs surrounding the quiet area closing the deal.

Favourite strain: Rosianne’s Raw Diesel

Photo credit: Maltatina

7. Mystique, Madliena 

The eclectic former nightclub is already aesthetically awesome and one of the most unique interiors on the island; a new life as a place for creative individuals to meet up and discuss enlightened topics could be the way forward.

Favourite strain: Ghost Haze

Photo credit: ADŻ

8. The Vaults, Valletta/Marsa Waterfront

The waterfront between Valletta and Marsa is chock full of abandoned, large vaults – sometimes with gardens attached – that would be so easy to be converted into coffeeshops.

Indeed, one practically already was earlier this year – check it out below.

Favourite strain: Dockworker’s Kush

9. Mdina 

Anywhere in this tiny village will do really – what’s important is the Medieval vibes are brought out in the coffeeshop’s aesthetic. We’re talking fort-inspired joint holders and Grandmaster portraits on the walls.

Preferred strain: De Valette’s Dank

10. Wied iż-Żurrieq, Qrendi

Very green, quiet, and located near the sea, not having a coffeeshop in the little inlet would be a major missed opportunity.

The vibe would be very local, with an option to rent plastic bows and arrows to be used in the nearby garrigue.

Favourite strain: Green Gelato

Photo credit: Frank Vincentz

11. Baħrija centre, Baħrija

The sleepiest village in Malta needs a coffeeshop. Enjoy the three very Maltese restaurants right in the pjazza and the roundabout typically made up of sleeping dogs.

The decor would be very Maltese, with an image of Dom Mintoff/Eddie Fenech Adami above the door besides a niċċa of the Virgin Mary.

Favourite strain: Baħrija Babylon

12. Old Military Prison, Paola

The Old Corradino Military Prison in Paola – not the actual prison in Paola – has been used as a music venue for gigs and concerts for years – now, it’s time to be turned into a coffeeshop.

Central to Malta and an easy first stop-off for any prisoners fresh out of jail and looking to ease back into society, housed in an old building that used to be used for criminal justice reform is rather apt as well.

Favourite strain: Daniel Ħolma 

Photo credit: Frank Vincentz

13. Ta’ Pinu, Għarb

Located on the northern side of Gozo, the spiritual land of Malta’s very own OG faith healer Frenċ tal-Ġħarb needs a coffeeshop.

It would keep in theme with the natural aspect of the cannabis plant, and the walls should be covered with instructions on how to make cannabis tea and other similar tinctures.

Favourite strain: Frenc’s Finest

BONUS: Inwadar Park, Marsaskala

The newly-announced green space in the south of Malta could open with coffeeshops firmly in place. Not only would the government be providing a natural, open area to enjoy, but it could also become a modern global leader in showing how easy it is to have subtle coffeeshops included as part of its public plans.

Favourite strain: Żonqor Zoned

What other places would be perfect for a coffeeshop in Malta and Gozo?

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