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16 Best Cafes In Malta To Get Incredible Coffee, Espresso And Cappuccino

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A good coffee can make your whole day – or start it off on the wrong foot entirely.

Life’s too short for bad coffee, and on a wild little island like Malta with enough toxic behaviours to fill several asylums, a proper cup of Joe should be a God-given right for all citizens.

We’ve all been left disappointed by an “iced coffee” that is nothing more than a normal latte with ice cubes, or an espresso that tastes as bitter as your ex’s heart.

With the bad tastes still strong in our memory, here are 16 cafes that take their coffee seriously, in no particular order.

1. Mumenti 

This little cafe in the heart of Mosta prides itself on its high quality coffee and offering everything from the Chemex to V6 pour over options – if you are feeling adventurous – surrounded by vintage vibes.

2. Caffe Berry 

With an outlet in a quiet side road in busy Sliema as well as another outlet Valletta, their flavoured drinks have developed quite the reputation – this is a must visit for pistachio lovers.

3. Caffe’ Pascucci

With medium-sized cafes all over the island, Caffe’ Pascucci has become a reliable go-to for business meetings or a quick catch up with friends.

4. Lot 61

Possibly the best coffee roasters on the island, providing top quality beans from around the world to some of Malta’s leading cafes, anyone who truly enjoys the deeper flavours in coffee needs to pass by (or grab a bag of their beans).

5. Carolina’s Petit Cafe & Tearoom

With locations in Sliema, Balzan and Qawra, the cute and bright aesthetic and tearoom vibe has developed a loyal following nationwide.

6. Jacob’s Brew – Pay It Forward

An inspirational social initiative with good coffee led by one incredible Maltese youth located in Marsaskala.

7. Coffee Circus 

A cafe with a focus on alternative lifestyles and some of the coolest little coffee bikes on the island, Coffee Circus is a chill place to hang out with friends and chat the afternoon away.

8. Kasa Kafe

Recently opened, you can enjoy a cup of fresh coffee while petting a friendly dog and enjoying a quiet spot in Mosta.

9. Manouche Craft Bakery and Bistro

One of the best bakeries on the island, their coffee is treated with the same respect that their croissants and croque madams are given.

10. Eri’s Gourmet Restaurant and Cafe

Can one ever have enough of pistachio? The answer is no, and Eri’s knows that for a fact.

11. Berta

A genuine little cafe in the quiet town of Għargħur, suitable for an intimate, long chat.

12. La Crema Siciliana

Skipping out on their freshly made bread while enjoying their coffee should be a crime.

13. Baker Street

If you wanted to switch it up but keep it green, matcha lattes at Baker Street may be the way to go.

14. Jalie’s Coffee, Cakes & Bakes 

The British approach to coffee and tea in a quiet cul-de-sac in Attard has been popular for years, and with good reason.

15. Drift Meze/Cafe

Coffee with picturesque Maltese views and an option to order Greek meze? Say no more.

16. Busy Bee

A classic name in the coffee business, make sure you grab a cannoli or three whenever in their hallowed doors.

BONUS: Costa Cafe

Lowkey, their frostinos hit the spot every time, be it summer or winter.

What’s your favourite cafe on the island? Tag them in the comments below!

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