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14-Year-Old Maltese Girl Pens Poignant Poems On Mental Health

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The pen is mightier than the sword, and 14-year-old Kylie* has recognised that from an early age. With her amazing knack for poetry, the young poetess has been addressing mental health issues in a super cool way.

Mental health is an issue which needs much attention and care here in Malta. As time goes by people are becoming more and more aware of this issue which silently plagues young people in our country.

Kylie takes her own personal experiences and uses them to help others in need through her poetry. Lovin Malta reached out to the young creative to learn about this intimate creative process.

“Mental health is so important to me as it is something that I have been battling with for the last two years,” Kylie told Lovin Malta.

Kylie is trying to raise awareness as she feels like teenagers are not being made aware of these issues which will most probably take them by surprise at some point in life.

“I am trying to raise awareness as from a young age students are made aware about substance abuse, alcohol, cigarettes and bullying,” she said.

“But we’re never taught about recognising the signs of mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression and most of us don’t really know how to reach out for help,” Kylie said.

This inspiring young woman writes about these issues because she’s familiar with them. “It’s also because I know so many people my age who have been suffering in silence as well,” she said.

However mental health is not the only battle Kylie fights. There’s other issues which she holds close to her heart.

“I write poems about other things, such as eating disorders and Alzheimer’s. It’s something I’ve never been through, but writing about it helps others who are suffering to feel less alone or seek help.” Kylie said.

“I think that apart from teaching students about addiction, abuse and other problems they might face in the outside world, schools should also educate us about mental illnesses and disorders,” she said.

Since young people are not always aware of the signs, Kylie argues that they might not always notice that they might be battling these issues.

“Unfortunately by the time young teens start getting help it might be a bit late. In my case I only reached out after I got my first severe anxiety attack at school. Sometimes others discover that their friends might be suffering from such problems after they notice self-destructive or suicidal tendencies,” Kylie told Lovin Malta.

“Apart from counselling, medication and support from my family, practicing a sport really helped me get through this difficult time,” Kylie continues. She also had some words of advice for anyone going through a tough time.

“Don’t let your illness make you think you’re something less than others. Always remind yourself that you’re a warrior,” she said.

Kylie found heaps of support from her family, especially from her older sister who was always present for her, even while she was sitting for her O-Level exams.

*Lovin Malta has changed the poet’s her name 

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