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4-Year-Old Maltese Girl Steals The Hearts Of Thousands With Viral Post

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A post which was shared on Facebook last October is still doing the rounds all over Malta, and it only takes a couple of seconds to realise why. The post shows an adorable young girl holding a basket of eggs on a farm, and was posted by her mother. This is the full translation of the Facebook post accompanying the photo.

Once, a woman told me, “Why on earth would you let your daughter go down to the farm on a nearly daily basis, among all those animals and dirt?” And I replied, “Then what should I do? Let her spend day and night in front of tablet, or a TV set, from the moment she arrives from school till when she goes to sleep? If people like farmers didn’t exist, you wouldn’t be able to eat either meat or eggs.” The woman quickly disappeared. 

I urge my daughter to go to school because I don’t want her to suffer like her dad has to. But dedication to this line of work is a skill. Dear farmers and villagers, YOU ARE NOT A DISHONOUR. Even though there are loads of people who do not appreciate you, we wouldn’t be able to cope without you!

The Facebook post is now sitting on more than 4,500 reactions (most of which, as expected, are Likes and Loves), 179 shares, and over 500 comments. And while nearly each and every Facebook post manages to be divisive in one way or another, all the comments on this post are extremely positive, praising the mother and the way she decided to raise her daughter.

As of last week, the post got another surge of likes and shares, and is now positively viral. Lovin Malta reached out to Anthea Psaila to learn more about her daughter Amber, the little girl who stole the hearts of thousands.

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“I still can’t believe how a simple photo and comment made such a strong impact,” said the mother. “The feedback we got was immensely positive and heartwarming. I had shared that photo because I share a lot of photos of her at the farm. I had no idea it would go viral, and I didn’t post it as some sort of publicity stunt. I just genuinely want Maltese people to choose local products and embrace the best our island has to offer!”

In each and every single photo, Amber’s love for the animals is extremely evident, with the little girl beaming and hugging anything from the cutest tiny bird in the world to a piglet. But of course, Amber does have a favourite, “That would have to be Brownie, the goat,” her mother smiled.

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Amber is now four years old, and if there’s anything that’s changed since last October, it’s that this adorable little girl has managed to steal the hearts of even more people all around Malta, along with her happy parents Althea and Franklin.

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Share Amber’s story to show your support of her parents’ upbringing choices.

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