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45 Minutes In Court Is All It Took For Joseph Muscat To Unleash His Inner Trump

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Former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is in court today – but you wouldn’t know it judging from his Facebook feed.

In just over half an hour, Muscat has already posted no less than 14 separate posts… with some of them sounding more and more unhinged by the minute.

After posting his official statement ahead of today’s court hearing (where he is expected to answer everything from the Daphne Caruana Galizia case to the Vitals hospitals deal), he turned to more personal matters.

On the defensive, Muscat jumped from frame-up conspiracies to the need for politicians to be close to business-owners to being accessible to people.

It all started when Muscat said he had never instigated hatred.

Before once again denying his involvement with Egrant

Before anyone could blink, Muscat had barraged social media with posts flying out with mere minutes between them.

While Muscat had his supporters, many people reacted sarcastically to the stream of consciousness suddenly emanating from the former Prime Minister. 

“Much wow – you are testifying in court and uploading Facebook statuses,” said one person.

Muscat is literally still in court as these posts are coming out, leading some to wonder if they were timed to distract from his actual testimony in court.

What do you make of Muscat’s sudden flurry on Facebook?

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