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A Look At The Exact Moment Yorgen Fenech Found Out He Was Being Secretly Recorded By Middleman In Caruana Galizia Assassination

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Secret recordings of the middleman in the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia have uncovered the exact moment when main suspect Yorgen Fenech became aware of the secret tapes.

At the start of a recorded conversation that was played during a recent court sitting, which all covered the potential involvement of key figures and other unsolved murders, Fenech confronted Melvin Theuma about the covert tapes.

Fenech had been informed over the tapes by a common friend between the pair, Johann Cremona. Cremona is the director of gaming company Bestplay, which was part of Fenech’s Tumas Group business empire

The conversation went as follows:


“You’ve disappointed me today. Johann [Cremona] told me something and I’m very disappointed.”


“Ah, Johann knows the story?”


“Yes, but not from my end. He heard it from someone else.”




“I took it personally when Johann came up to me and told me ‘he’s recording you just so you know’”

Fenech then demanded that Theuma turn off his phone and explain himself.

Theuma told Fenech that he only began recording him after he was approached by Kenneth ‘From Castille’ Camilleri over a covert bail request for the three men charged with carrying out the crime. The meetings with Camilleri can be corroborated by Cremona, who was also present.

However, Theuma assured Fenech that it was the only occasion and he would never do it again.

“To this day you have nothing to be worried about. Because once they get to you, they’re going to get to me,” Fenech told Theuma.

Fenech being aware of the recordings may raise questions as to whether whatever he said beyond this point can be trusted. However, Theuma has told the court that Fenech believed him.

The case continues on 27th March, with former Chief of Staff Keith Schembri, Cremona, and Camilleri all testifying.

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