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A Look At The Seven Faces In The Running To Become Malta’s Next Police Commissioner

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The race for the position of Malta’s Police Commissioner is on, with seven candidates revealing their intentions to run for the crucial post.

There has been a revolving door of six police commissioners over the last seven years, ever since John Rizzo stepped down in 2013 after 12 years in the top job.

Prime Minister Robert Abela was quick to change the selection process for the role, with  thePublic Service Commission issuing a call of applications for the position last week.

Applicants will need to detail a four-year plan for the role, highlighting their immediate priorities should they take over the role.

The Commission will then shortlist two candidates for the Cabinet and the chosen candidate will need to go in front of a parliamentary committee before facing a parliamentary vote.

With a traffic department-wide scandal, corruption allegations, the Daphne Caruana Galizia investigation, and several other major cases, the new Police Commissioner will have their work cut out for them.

No official list has been revealed, but seven candidates have confirmed with the Times of Malta their intention to run. 

Lovin Malta took a look at the seven faces who could potentially be Malta’s next Police Commissioner:

1. Sandro Camilleri

Camilleri is the former President of the Police Officers Union and is well known for his outspoken views. He was one of the first to declare his interest in the position publicly.

He’s been in the corps for over 25 years and has said he wants to continue serving in the hopes of improving it the circumstances for Maltese police officers, as well as their relations with the public.

2. Police CEO Angelo Gafa

Malta’s first-ever Police Force CEO Angelo Gafa is considered by some to be the favourite for the role. He worked as an inspector, most notably on the investigation into former Minister and EU Commissioner John Dalli.

Gafa also has previous experience with Malta’s Security Service and the Armed Forces of Malta.

3. Assistant Commissioner Alexandra Mamo

Mamo first female Assistant Commissioner in the police’s history, overseeing the Sliema and St Julian’s districts. She’s a graduate lawyer who has over 25 years’ experience in the force.

4. Frankie Sammut

Sammut is currently the lead investigator at the Immigration Section, previously serving as a District Seargent. He also has a background in police union issues,  forming part of the Police Association executive.

5. Herman Mula

Mula hit the news in recent weeks after appearing as the lawyer for AFM soldiers facing accusations of sabotaging a migrant vessel.

He only retired as a police inspector last year and leads the Simon Schembri Blue Light Foundation. His familial ties to the police run deep and his father is the late retired assistant commissioner Bartholomeo Mula.

6. Mary Muscat

Former Police Inspector Mary Muscat is known for helping set up the police force’s media wing, the Community and Media Relations Unit.  She currently works as a lawyer and also lectures at the University of Malta and the Academy for Disciplined Forces.

7. Robert Vella

The Secretary-General of the Malta Police Association, Robert Vella, has also revealed his plans to run. He’s currently an inspector for the Ħamrun district.

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