A Maltese App For Tracking Potholes (And So Much More) Is Coming This Week

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An app called Ir-Raħal Tagħna (Our Town) is set to launch in the coming days. The app promises to be a two-way communication with Malta's Local Councils, trying to simplify the communication between the councils and residents.

While one of the most exciting features of the app is a system of reporting or keeping track of potholes in the area, this same system will also allow for waste, littering, lighting, graffiti and other issues. 

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"This started as a very small demo app, but it quickly turned into a whole big cool project," said Nik Kozlov, whose IT company Ampere took this initiative and developed the app over five months with a large team of designers, developers and project managers. "We're launching a pilot for St. Paul's Bay, but we're currently speaking to other councils. It just takes time to introduce a service like this in all the other areas."

To make sure it gets the proper two-way communication it's aiming for, Ir-Raħal Tagħna will also introduce a personal web interface for Local Councils. The interface would allow the staff to keep track of users' requests, while also creating reports, polls and sending other notifications like blocked roads. 

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This is not the first app that Ampere have developed targeting a specific Maltese characteristic. In December 2016, they released a free Xemxija Heritage Trail app, a simple yet effective guide to all the heritage sites in Xemxija. 

Ir-Raħal Tagħna is available on Google Play and will be on the iTunes App Store in the coming weeks.

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