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A Solution To One Of Malta’s Most Notorious Problems? Here’s An Interesting Parking Plan From Tonight’s Budget

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Malta’s sheer shortage of space and its increasingly high volume of cars means that finding parking is a daily struggle.

However, the government’s Budget for 2019 includes a novel plan that, fingers crossed, will help ease the problem. Sometime next year, it will issue a call for public-private partnerships to incentivise landowners to develop communal underground car parks and build public open spaces over them. While the government will fork out the costs for the carpark’s construction, the landowner will profit from parking tolls.

Although at first sight this may seem like a less profitable venture than the construction of apartments, the scheme is mainly targeted at people who want to develop their land but who encounter difficulties obtaining planning permits.

The 2019 Budget was set to focus more heavily on infrastructure than any other Budget in Malta’s history, with an estimated €100 million allocated for roadworks across the country as part of the Labour government’s electoral pledge to fix every road in the country within seven years.

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