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Abandoned Siġġiewi Building To Be Turned Into Respite Care Home For Children With Autism

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A dilapidated residence in Siġġiewi will be turned into a respite care home for young children with autism and other disabilities in a rejuvenation project launched by the Ministry for Social Accommodation in collaboration with the Ministry for Inclusion.

The €320,000 project will be completed by April 2023 and will provide respite services for families and carers of children with disabilities, particularly autism, aged between five and 14. 

As such, the new house will include professionally-trained staff ready to assist children with autism with their needs, as well as a number of assistive technology equipment, facilities and specialised spaces to accommodate the guests. 

The respite care home will also include a number of sensory and multi-purpose rooms, where children will receive professional treatment, and will also be equipped with lifts.

In addition to providing temporary accommodation for children with autism, where they can integrate with others in a structured environment, the respite care home project also aims to support families and carers by providing a safe place for their children whilst they have other commitments to attend to or in cases of emergency.

“The home will have slots during the week or weekend for children so that families have time to rest or in times of emergency. They may be exhausted due to the ongoing supervision of people with disabilities and the challenges they face in everyday life,” a spokesperson from the Ministry for Social Accommodation told Lovin Malta.

The respite care home project is part of the ministry’s wider ambitions to regenerate old and abandoned buildings. The abandoned Siġġiewi home is currently owned by the Housing Authority. 

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