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VOX POP: What Do Malta’s Uni Students Think About Abortion?

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In the space of a decade, Malta has gone from one of the few countries where divorce was illegal to a bastion of civil liberties. Now, the debate is starting to turn to more controversial topics like abortion.

Lovin Malta visited the University of Malta to see what students think about the topic with a private member’s bill table by Marlene Farrugia over the issue seemingly going quiet. 

The response among students was mixed. Some were clearly pro-choice, insisting that the complexities surrounding the issue, like access, income, and stability meant that people deserved the right to choose. 

“I would never get an abortion, but that doesn’t mean I should make others do the same,” one person said.

Others were staunchly against it, with some pointing to access to contraception while others staunchly believed that life begins at conception. One person insisted that sometimes people must accept their consequences.

“If you’re going out, partying, having one night stands, and you get pregnant, then that’s the consequence of your actions,” he said. 

One person suggested making it a joint decision between both parents, echoing earlier sentiments that the child ultimately deserves to grow up in a happy stable environment and not be forced upon someone. 

This is the third vox pop Lovin Malta has conducted at the University of Malta, with others featuring topics like cannabis use and the return following COVID-19. Stay tuned for more.

Should abortion be legalised in Malta?

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Julian is the Editor at Lovin Malta with a particular interest in politics, the environment, social issues, and human interest stories.

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