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After Dying As Unregistered Donors, 29 People Gave Their Organs In Malta With The Blessing Of Their Families

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Since the end of 2016, 29 people who have died in Malta have saved lives by donating their organs, despite not being registered. All of the cases involved the consent from the person’s family.

Parliamentary figures tabled by Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne revealed. that there have been 3 such cases this year.

In 2018, there were 12 of such donors, and 14 for 2017

The importance of donating organs reached the mainstream after the ‘Life After Drew’ campaign was launched after a young man donated his organs after dying from a brain haemorrhage at the young age of 20 years old.

Inspired by Drew’s love for the DC character Batman, Life After Drew encourages people to become ‘real life heroes’ by registering as organ donors.

Maltese personalities, celebrities and members of the general public have all teamed up for the campaign.

To learn more about Life After Drew, click here, and visit the Transplant Support Group website to learn more about organ donation.

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