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After Yesterday’s Hail And Thunder, Here’s The Weather For Malta This Weekend

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Warnings of very strong winds and even tornadoes over the islands yesterday ended with a brief but very intense spell of hail and thunder, and if the weather forecast for this weekend is anything to go by, Malta isn’t quite in the clear yet.

On the plus side, today’s potential thunderstorms seem like the worst part of this weekend, with the highs of 16°C also being the coolest ahead of Saturday and Sunday’s 17°C.

The strong winds which returned a couple of days ago might still persist, however, with southeasterly Force 4, 5 and even 6 gusts being present all the way into tomorrow.

Saturday is set to have some isolated showers, but we should be looking at a calmer – albeit still cloudy – Sunday. The wind will die down all the way to Force 2 by the end of the weekend, but this will actually be when the temperature will be the lowest, dropping to 11°C in the evening.

All in all, you might wait until next weekend for that spring picnic you’ve been dreaming about.

Lovin Malta March Spring Weather Weekend

Photos by David Azzopardi

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